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You may be a good fit for tax strategy if you find yourself saying... 

"I feel that I pay more than my fair share of taxes, and I would like to do something about it"


"It feels like my accountant / CPA / tax preparer doesn't give me any proactive advice or information, it just seems that they just plug numbers into the tax return" 


"I prefer to invest in our business, give to charity, spend money with local businesses, and support my local economy instead of paying high income taxes"

Tax strategy is not about tax evasion, loopholes, or dodging. Everything we do is 100% legal and spelled out word for word in the tax code. 

If this sounds good, let's talk to discuss your options.


Please select the tier that best fits your needs 

Quick start - Save at least $1,000 per year.


If you are looking to save up to $1,000/yr on your taxes, our webinars offer the best value for you 

Save at least $10,000 per year.

Our one time fee is $5,000 or 24 monthly payments of only $250

Our meeting only takes 2-4 hours out of your schedule

Save at least $40,000 per year.

Our one time fee is $10,000 or 24 monthly payments of only $500

Our meeting only takes 4-8 hours out of your schedule

Your 100%, iron-clad money-back guarantee...

I will find the missed tax deductions that save you at least the amount that I promise

Our meeting will be the best time you have ever spent discussing taxes.

Your 100%, iron-clad guarantee...

If your current tax preparer has any questions or concerns about the tax strategy we implement...

a. We will talk with the tax preparer at no charge to you and explain everything that we have prepared.

b. We will provide all of the tax law cases that support the deductions that we take

c. If any strategies that we assist you with are ever challenged by any taxing authority we will represent you, in your place, in front of any taxing authority. If we do not succeed in defending the tax strategy that we assisted you with, we will reimburse you 100% of all interest, penalties, and tax difference for up to three years of tax returns filed up to three years following our engagement, for up to three years following the filing of the third return.    

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