Welcome, I look forward to working with you!

To get started, please upload your last year's tax return (if I didn't do it / don't have it yet) and this current year tax docs, including a P&L (if you have one) to my secure server https://adamsabc.sharefile.com/share/getinfo/r7ff74c3774f4bb59

You can send over your bank statements and credit card statements with business transactions and we will categorize them
for you. If you can, export all 2020 transactions as a CSV file to simplify the process. This helps you get a running start on completing your P&L that we need for taxes. ($600 minimum, must pre-pay before work begins)  https://pay.kabbagepayments.com/adamsaccounting

If you would like to create and send your own P&L, here is a spreadsheet to help you with typical business expenses. You can fill out this form and submit it in place of a P&L to have your taxes completed. 


Tax rates start at $500 for individual tax with either a Sch C for business or Sch E for real estate, and $750 for business returns and must be paid in full before work starts. Please contact me for exact pricing. If you are not sure how much to pay, put down a deposit retainer and you can pay the remainder later. https://pay.kabbagepayments.com/adamsaccounting

Before tax work is filed, you MUST sign our client services agreement here - by signing this agreement you are not required to pay or bound by the $300/mo - but you must sign the first page for your understanding of the $300/mo retainer and what it includes 


Our standard service with tax strategy, tax preparation, and either review of books or categorizing your expenses (bookkeeping) for you is $300/mo.



Please sign out client services agreement here: