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About Jake Adams, CPA


Jake's mission is to be a proactive partner in the success of my client's businesses and investments. I enjoy strategically planning investments and assets for tax minimization with the goal of building and preserving wealth. 

He is an avid entrepreneur with a keen interest in startups and early stage growth. Never afraid to try and test a new software, SaaS, and HNW tax strategies - Jake believes that learning and trying new things every day is essential to personal and business growth. Thinking "outside the box" and taking a different approach to looking at challenges is critical to tax minimization and building wealth.   

Working with Jake:

Jake is not your average CPA - working one on one with Jake is a minimum $5,000/year engagement for tax services and consultations. He does not bill hourly as he is focused on delivering important and timely communication with his inner circle of clients.

Who should work with Jake?:

Real estate professionals and investors earning six figures, investing in single family and/or multi family, fix/flip, saving at least $10k/year to retirement in Solo401k/SEP, have excess cash flow for tax minimization strategies, investing, and capital deployment.     

Why work with Jake:

Jake focuses on a specific type of client to maximize the benefits that he achieves for these clients. My goal to save you money on taxes is for one main reason: so that they you can have a better financial position for yourself, your family, and your community. Keeping more of your hard earned money reduces stress, builds family wealth, and when deployed in your local area, creates jobs and strengthens your community.  

How to get started-

Working with Jake is by application only and there may be a waiting list depending on the time of year. Please note that not everyone is the right fit to work directly with Jake and, if selected to work directly with him, is a long-term investment in your business and wealth. 

Personal and family:

Jake and his amazing wife Vicki have four wonderful children together. They enjoy spending time together, playing at parks, and going to zoos and museums. 

Real Quotes from Real People

"Very nice guy. Explained what I needed to do and recommended several actions to take right away. I think my payroll problems are solved now."

~ Deadre A.

"Very professional and went out of his way to be sure we were satisfied with his efforts. We will use his services again."
~ William R.

"Jake is very friendly, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all of my questions. Because I am a new small business owner, Jake was very helpful and thorough about teaching and explaining to me the current tax laws that were important for me to know. I would recommend Jake's services to anyone."
~Christopher M.

"He was punctual and pleasant and unlike my previous accountant, he was able to answer all my questions using language that was understandable and accessible. He offered up helpful suggestions to make the process simpler as we move forward. I will definitely be recommending him to my colleagues and friends."
~ Joan D.

"Prompt, efficient, user friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent experience."
~ Laurie R.

"Jake Adams is extremely professional, great attitude, helpful and knowledgable."
~ Hani G.

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