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Welcome, I look forward to working with you!

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I take a professional, proactive, A-Z approach to saving you as much as possible on your taxes. My clients view me as an investment and a trusted
partner in the growth of their business.


Most of my clients are saving $5,000-$20,000/yr on their taxes and enjoy working with me to discuss creative and interesting ways to save on taxes. 

I have three levels of service, and all levels of service include tax strategy, tax preparation, and either bookkeeping or review of your books if they are prepared by you or someone else. 

$249 / mo

1.Tax preparation - Personal (1040) w/one state

2. Business tax preparation (1065, 1120S, 1120)

3. Bookkeeping or bookkeeping review with tax reduction strategy

Expense categorization or periodic bookkeeping review.

4. Monthly Zoom group tax strategy call-ins. (recorded and available 24/7)


$349 / mo

All 3 above... plus

4. Priority communication by email, phone, or text for tax questions throughout the year

5. Three (3) private tax planning sessions each year 

6. 1099 filing (up to 100 recipients) 

$399 / mo

All 6 above... plus

7. Audit assistance (IRS and FTB only) : In-person audit representation for all tax returns prepared by us for up to 3 years following close of services. Additional hourly fees will be billed at standard rates for audit assistance for tax returns not prepared by us or by taxing authorities other than IRS or FTB.

8. Up to three (3) private tax planning sessions by Zoom each year with Jake Adams, CPA

Additional fees for additional forms, tax returns, and services, including catch-up bookkeeping may apply - prices available upon request

Q. "Do you do "just" taxes? What is your  price simply for my tax preparation?"

A.  In order to offer the best service to all our clients, We do not offer tax preparation as a stand alone service. If we have a tax strategy that can save you money, we don't want to/wouldn't feel right about withholding that information from clients that are not enrolled in a tax strategy program.


Proper bookkeeping is critical to ensuring those tax strategies are recorded properly, so bookkeeping or bookkeeping review is also a requirement for all tax strategy clients. 

Q. "Do you have a guarantee?"

A.  I guarantee that we will find you tax savings of at least what you pay in services or I refund the difference. Essentially my services to you are free, as well as providing an ROI. I also guarantee that you will love working with us or you can cancel at any time. 

Q. Who is a good candidate for tax planning services?

A. Self employed people earning over $100k net income consistently year over year.

1. We strategize on wealth building and tax minimization through investment vehicles and deploying cash through loans and investments into fix and flips or long term rental properties with a focus on tax deferred investment income through cost segregation.  

2. We strategize on income shifting to lower tax individuals, states, and utilization of corporate tax structures to lower income taxes and defer income to future years.

3. Strategically looking at investments into ROTH IRA vs tax deferred accounts 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly by booking an appointment (see appointment link above)

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