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Jake is a professional speaker with over a decade of experience in public speaking, coaching, and tax law.
Your attendees will leave with tens of thousands of dollars worth of knowledge and Jake's energy and passion to inspire will transform and take your event to the next level!
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Wealth and tax speaker, CPA, and best selling author Jake Adams shares how to put more money in your pocket by saving 10-40% on your taxes. Jake has spoken to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the US. Jake’s goal is to make taxes “fun, easy and understandable.”

Sell assets or business tax free or deferred for 30 years

"Jake gave an excellent tax seminar. Very informative and useful information" - S. Bascom

"Jake was very helpful in tax insights and planning"

S.Brown, Realtor

"WOW! Jake is extremely knowledgeable! I think it's say to say, the majority of everyone is terrified of taxes and the IRS. Jake makes it a lot less scary. Thank you Jake!"

- B. Prine

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"Jake was GREAT =) Learned a lot and will be more organized"

- C. Messina

The magic of depreciation expense

"Top 10 Tax Mistakes" That are costing you thousands

"Jake was very helpful in tax insights and planning"

Jake was very helpful. As a new agent there are so many things to learn when you are running your own business. He is very knowledgeable."

- E. Manger

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