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I'm Self Employed, Now What?

In my 6 part webinar series, I answer all the commly asked questions of business owners as they start thier first year of self-employment.
These tax tips are guaranteed to save you your webinar price or I will GLADLY REFUND YOUR FULL PRICE!



Tax savings greater than your purchase price or 100% Money-Back Guarntee

Webinar Series: Video 1:
What are taxes and how are they calculated?
Webinar Series: Video 4:
Inventory, carrying costs, location build out...
Webinar Series: Video 2:
The basic tax deductions: Meals, entertainment, auto mileage, advertising...
Webinar Series: Video 5:
Choosing a legal entity, the benefits of S-Corp status, and the downsides
Webinar Series: Video 3:
Advanced "Schedule C" tax deductions: Travel, hiring kids, rent...
Webinar Series: Video 6:
Advanced corporation tax strategies: Autos, travel, vacation homes...
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