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With today's technology you can and should move away from doing your own bookkeeping in-house. You and your employees can focus on bringing value to your company by outsourcing your bookkeeping to trained accountants. From custom cash management reports to product margin  segmenting, the info that we put into Quick Books ensures awesome reports, every time.


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From sales tax to corporate income tax, we prepare tax returns year-round. We specialize in self-employed and small business entities as LLC or S-Corporations.


Rest assured knowing that we spend over 40 hours every year updating our knowledge of accounting & the tax code to stay current on the updates that matter most to you.




Financial reports mean nothing without the right interpreter. Once a month we sit down and discuss your company's financial performance against benchmarked KPIs, industry trends, and your personal growth plans. We create strategies to achieve your desired results and work together to achieve them.




Our consulting engagements are brief and to the point. At the conclusion of the engagement we ensure that you are trained and ready to move forward in your business.

Ask me about:

  • Receiving payments quicker and with less paperwork

  • Creating a cloud-based, multi-user accounting system

  • Saving money on reoccurring, monthly transactions

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